CrossFit Meta is not just any gym! We are much more than a place to go “get your workout in”. We are a catalyst that causes lives to change, through the vehicles of community, fitness, and nutrition. The people in our program feel a difference from the time they walk through our doors to the time they leave. They are physically stronger, mentally tougher and they look and feel better. It is a byproduct of our process. At CrossFit Meta we change lives forever!

Our vision for Crossfit Meta is to change lives forever as “meta” is the Greek word for “to change” and “to go beyond.” We use two main tools to accomplish this simultaneously: our compelling community of athletes and a proven exercise method called Crossfit.

We coach, train, and push our athletes to higher levels of conditioning, strength, skill, and flexibility but most importantly, we encourage our members to push themselves harder than they ever have before. We use group exercises, frequent coach feedback, functional movement as our tools to mold you in a better athlete. In our gym, everyone reaches the end of their strength, endurance, or skill — by design.

We also believe that everyone has tremendous potential. However, our bodies and minds must be molded through the shared encouragement and accountability of a genuine community. That is why all classes are done in groups where everyone encourages each other to improve.

Crossfit Meta is not for everyone. If you are looking for a gym that has extensive exercise equipment, a pool, spin classes, signup fees, and extended contracts — please exercise elsewhere. Our model requires more commitment from you — and in exchange for maximum effort, we promise to give you large improvements in your fitness level.

This exercise community is founded and spearheaded by Neil and Jaclyn Thomas, who both started doing Crossfit in Corona in 2007. Neil started upon the insistence of a friend, who got him to try it once. From then on, he was hooked. Within 1 year, he had dropped 35 lbs and his strength, endurance, and skill levels increased exponentially. To this day, he hasn’t hit a plateau in his fitness. Jaclyn started in 2009 and went from being unable to do a pullup to 15 kipping pullups. Both of them are Crossfit Level 1 certified as coaches. They opened Crossfit Meta in January 2012.